Extra - Curricular Activities

In addition to the academic and curricular activities students actively participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Special coaching is given in co-curricular activities – Karate, Yoga, Classical and instrumental music, break and folk-dance, drawing, Painting, art and craft, stitching, musical band etc.

Personality development programme

Recognising the fact that schools need to play a pro active role in nurturing and developing personalities and preparing the students as global citizens a strong grounding is given to the students. Lectures by guests from all walks of life acquaint students with the realities of life. Such programmes address the various aspects of human personality like confidence – building, memory training, aptitude testing, public speaking, interview skills, language – competence etc.

Alumni Association

Every student who leaves an Educational Institution carries with him / her the spirit of the institution. There is innate feeling of attachment to the batch mates, teachers and the Alma Mater.
The Aluminae is the life of our Educational Institution. The world knows about the institution through the Aluminae. They are the proud products who give life to Alphonsa English Medium School outside the campus.

Celebrations & Competitions

To develop desirable social attitude and manners, to encourage healthy group participation and make children sensitive to the rights and privileges of others, school is arranging various competitions. All important dates are commemorated and celebrated with the initiation, organization and participation skill of the students community. The whole school is divided into four houses. Healthy competition and cooperation among themselves are developed through active leadership and participation in house activities.

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