Dear Parents,

A child's mind is one of God's most wonderful creations and to nurture and develop it harmoniously is one of the most strenuous but rewarding tasks. We are whole heartedly dedicated to the task of the harmonious development of the child's mind, body and spirit. A dedicated team of vibrant and experienced teachers guide the children in their formative years. A child is a joint responsibility of the parents and teachers.

To realize the potential in a child, school and parents must work in tandem. A child is delicate. To handle them, one needs love, affection, patience, sacrifice and understanding. Our cherished dream is to make the learning process child oriented, activity based and self motivated. As you place your child in our hands, we will mould them to be responsible citizens, persons who will be useful to God, Man and Society.

Right now our school is standing at the threshold of a glorious path. There are dreams to be fulfilled, goals to be achieved, new laurels to be won and horizons to be widened. Our children are precious. I believe that you have made a wise decision in entrusting us with your child's future and time will prove the worthiness of your choice.

I would like to quote from the famous letter of President Abraham Lincoln to the headmaster of his beloved son: "Teach my Son to accept failures and celebrate success... Teach him it is better to fail than to pass the examination by hook or by crook..... Teach him not to imitate the crowd.... Teach him that his soul and heart is not a bargaining product in the market... Teach him to believe in himself and as well as in others."

May you all shine in the splendour of God's blessing.

With regards
Sr. Rosily

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